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tv   News  ABC  November 11, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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and today, we are going to be focusing on ellicott city's veterans elementary school. 38 in morning. one of the cooler spots. around the rest of the region, ranging from 40 in kateonsville, 37 in westminster to 42 in towson. and 42 on the eastern shore in centreville and easton. so, the hour by hour forecast on this veterans day on average, low 40s this morning. sun comes up at 6:45. and that is an hour and 15 minutes away. we will go to 61 as the two degree guaranteed that's 61 with aton of sun. cue that band what do you have. >> reporter: not a whole lot which is good news. early part of the rush hour is a quiet one, which is fantastic. looking at anne arundel county ñand southbound at 97, no problems or delays. route 50, coming across the bay bridge, you won't encounter problems. water main issue in towson.
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closed because of the water main break. we have road closures in effect for today's veteran's day parade. that starts at 7:00 so expect to see charles street closed between fayette and monument. now back to you. >> the passengers on a disabled cruise ship are staying busy with live music, save engine hundreds and the carnival splendor is expected to arrive in san diego into port sometime today. >> it lost power in an engine fire on monday and tugboats are slowly pulling ate a-- it along. tempers have been case lathing among the people on the ship. they are trying to -- and the crews, trying to keep the tempers calm and passengers busy and they are towed to san diego where they can get off the ship sometime today. abc2's emily schmidt reports from washington. >> reporter: as the carnival splendor moved into cell phone range, passengers got a chance to share the ship's shape.
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>> just gross everywhere. >> reporter: joey and his wife stacy boarded the boat hours after they a3)pgot married. just before a monday morning fire in the engine room knocked out power on the huge ship. they spent the honeymoon cleaning the toilet and dealing with rotting food. >> the fruit is going bad and the stuff not going bad is not ripe yet. it's disgusting. nothing is good and it's almost like you are afraid to eat it. >> reporter: the refrigerators stopped work leaving enough food to last through midday tuesday for 4500 passengers and crew on board. navy has been dropping supplies things like spam and pop tarts that are little consolation for frustrated travelers. >> a lot of people are upset there's no coffee because there's no hot water. cold showers is not your idea on a cruise. >> we are very sorry for the discomfort and inconvenience that our guests have had to deal with in the past several days. >> reporter: carnival's president says safety has been a top priority and the crews line wants to get people home as quickly as possible. but it has not been easy
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pulling the 952 foot ship. one of two mexican tugboats shut down yesterday brieflyly -- broly and progress is slowch the pools are closed, rooms nearly as gloomy as this trip turned out to be. there are reports one thing made passengers happy. when they learned the ship was going back to california instead of docking in mexico. cheers went up all around. splendor is due to arrive in san diego in matter of hours. emily schmidt, abc news. it's 5:33. to the ecomony a study finds african american home buyers and buyers in low income neighborhoods pay higher rates in fha loans. study found in 2008 home buyers in low income neighborhoods were three times more likely than buyers in upper-class neighborhoods to receive a high cost fha mortgage. african americans and latinos
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were twice as likely as whites to get a high cost loan when it comes to buying a house with a fha mortgage. community unite and greater baltimore urban league are calling for an investigation. >> the next step really is you know, hud and the department of justice you know investigating this information. you know, we are not saying why this is happening. we are saying it's happening. and you know, because there is such disparity it's potential lay huge problem. next step really is hud which overseas fha program and the department of justice, you know, launching a real study and investigation into why it's happening and off that take whatever steps are needed. >> the urban league wants to meet with local banks to help deal with the issue. it's 5:34. historians referred to our country as melting pot for decades. >> full of diversity. a soldier may not have been born here and may not look like
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j. it's 5:37. the first seat to become even listed u.s. army soldier says he was eager to move onto training as combat medic and defend his homeland on the battle field. >> it's a 500-year-old religion found in india and requires the followers to wear a tushin and beard and keep hair uncut. army policy since 1984 prevented them from enlisting but barring the items but the specialist you see here was granted a rare exception because he has skills that the army wants. the endan language is -- languages. we apologize i thought we were going to hear from him but before him, two joined as medical officers willer this
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year but he is the first to enlist as this policy barring such things like the tushin and beard. -- turbin and heard. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> how rude. just got cut off like that. let's stick with the veteran's day theme and i will show you a couple stations running at one of the highlights. we are looking at veteran's elementary in ellicott city. we take you to the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. they are by the water the sevenn and chesapeake and that is helping to keep the much milder at 47. so there is roughly a 10 degree spread across the region this morning. average is 44. rise officially at 6:45. and our hour by hour forecast takes us to our 2 degree guaranteed high of 61 this afternoon. let's see what's happening with the traffic right now.
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here's kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. traffic continues to look very good. flowing freely on the harrisburg expressway. you won't encounter problems from the pa state line. we have the one accident off to the right shoulder northbound 95 at keith avenue that's not having an impact on the traffic. downtown, however, at 7:00 expect charles street closed between fayette and monument for the commencement of the veterans day parade. and bosley is closed at faremount and you can ease lambborn to get around that. we have more of "good morning, maryland" coming back after this quick break. what can i get you?
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if of's taking your car to the auto -- if you've taken your car to the auto shop in glen burnie two workers died in a fire. sherrie johnson is live on richie highway this morning sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, megan. it's sad scene out here this morning. take a look behind me here. you can see this burned out building. nothing but rubble here. two men died here when this auto body shop they were sleeping in
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caught fire. as investigators try to figure out how the fire started, the familiar hi members are trying to understand what happened. family members say both victims work long hours and it was not uncommon for them to sleep tosser get an early start on the work. they identified the victims as 45-year-old herman acevado better known as macho. other victim was 17-year-old johnny ramos. bodies were found in the interior portion of the building not close to the doors or windows. and when fire crews arrived, the flames were intense. >> heavy volume of fire dee. fencive fire attack -- defensive fire attack ensued. 90% of the building colaped down on itself. >> reporter: the family members that we spoke with say they are trying to organize a benefit in order to pay for some of the expenses. and if you would like more information on that benefit, you can log onto to for more information. reporting live, sherrie
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johnson, abc2 now is. >> bogers has been hit with a -- baugher's has been hit with a lawsuit. they recalled the apple cider products after being identified as a source of an e.coli outbreak that made seven people sick. the suit was filed on behalf of a baltimore man. according to the lawsuit e. got sick after visiting the farm sampling cider and making a purchase last month. . 15 minutes away from six as we honor veterans we are looking for military families who become victims of scams. the better business bureau right now is helping them fight back. the organization has teamed up with the wife of general petraeus to teach soldiers and loved ones that they leave behind about common scams and how not to get coned. it's hard to believe anyone would do that. they call it military line program. >> i am well aware of what our
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military has been asked to do since 2001 and i am well aware of what their families have been asked to do in support of them and i think it's absolutely unacceptable to see them get ripped off and money taken out of their pockets. >> according to petraeus, military families are often targeted for scams because of their age. they are guaranteed paycheck and fact they move around which means that they don't always know about the bad operators in town. celebrating america's veterans day. the president saluted the bravery of troops that defended south korea during the war with north korea. >> all of you here remind us that there are few things more fundamentally american than doing what we can to make a difference in the lives of others. that's why you will always be the best america has to offer the world and that's why people who never met you who never knew you will be grateful to the friend and alley they found in the united states of america. >> the president also condemned
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the communist north for continuing on a course he says keeps them in isolation along with the rest of the world. prel president is in seoul for the meeting of 20 economic powers. we god to send pictures of hoived one who is served in the military to pay tribute to them on this veterans day and we are getting a great response. our tribute this morning this one comes from jessica. let's look. jessica hanson wants to thank her husband. look at that family. marine lieutenant chris hanson. she says he is a husband, a daddy and all american hero. no doubt about it jessica. jessica sends along love from cheyenne, marisa and herself and she thanks chris for his service. that's what it is all about. we want you to send us pictures. we are getting great ones. check out yourself if you are on the wmar facebook fan page. head there and upload a photo and we will salute your loved
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one on the air every newscast today. or e-mail a picture. send it to pix at and a reminder also today, during the five p.m. newscast, abc2 news will be live at applebe's serving meals to veterans at the restaurant and we will bring you live reports throughout the newscast. all right. right now it's 5:48. former morgan and towson state football star is going to jail e within the onto play with the giants and patriots was sentenced to 30 years in prison on charges of sexual conduct and burglary in south carolina. the 44-year-old would packed millions on sunday you but suffered off field. he was arrested on a charge of to pay a undercover female office he for sex. his son is playing with the terps at college park. ravens 6-2. falcons 6-2. they have matt ryan and we have
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joe flacco. something has to give tonight. which quarterback will take it to the next level? this is one of the games where it's the coach's game. both teams what day and a half to plan. so it's what was done in the bye week that will come to be tonight. ravens in atlanta thursday night football on the nfl channel. . now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> we look at the almanac on this veteran's day, 11-11 and what we expect in baltimore and check this out. 77 the record high mark in 2006 . just wanted to play off the numbers. typically, 36 in the morning, 58 in the afternoon. record have been widespread because of the low end, you will notice we have been as low as 21 in 1973. we are going have ourselves a
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quiet day. we cleared everything out across the eastern seaboard with the exception of a few clouds ling ring across the outer banks of the carolinas and up towards new england. this is part of the storm plaguing them for the last three to five days. it's pulling farther out to sea and once it gets out of here, high pressure will be in control. temperatures have been running a little above the expectations. no reason to change that on this veterans day. in fact, the cold front acting on some moisture, but a lot more heat. that's back to yesterday's high temperatures. and while we hit 64 in baltimore, just on the edge of the warm stuff, southwestern virginia and beyond in the 70s. in fact, from charlotte to louisville 74. 77 in st. louis and memphis. and in jackson, mississippi, those are yesterday's high temperatures. there's heat to be found. it will get stuck. a nudge of that air will push in our direction. we are virtually dry. high pressure locks us in. that moisture stays west and doesn't get on the move until
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the end of the weekend. it probably doesn't move into the mid-atlantic until next week when the pattern may change for a within theory setup by the end of next week and through thanksgiving. for today, on this veterans day, sunny and pleasant and the way it should be across the mid-atlantic and arlington national cemetery. an extension of the flag with a breeze. but a sunny one. high of 61, the two degree guaranteed. tonight, 37. mostly clear skies. a hint of the colder air overnight. we are back to 63 and mostly sunny skies tomorrow and a quick peek at the push towards the weekend. temperatures actually do bump up to 65 on saturday. staying in the low 60s sunday. rain will drop into the 50s by the middle of next week. >> reporter: so far so good on the roadways. we don't have too many incidents working be a none on any of the major roadways. looking at the beltway here we are on the west side, and outer
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loop lanes of the right-hand side at liberty road, everybody appears to be moving at speed. no problems heading towards i- 70 or 9 5. 95 corridor checking in without problems. an earlier accident on the northbound lanes at keith avenue are about gone. reports of a vehicle fire in brook lib park -- brooklyn park. downtown, expect to see road closures starting at seven for the veterans day parade near mount vernon place. charles street is closed between fayette and monument starting at 7 a.m. and up in towson, bosley at fairmount is closed in both directions because of an earlier water main break. stay with us because we have "good morning, maryland" coming back after this. what can i get you? i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. sure. decaf or regular? regular. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream?
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we have a get dressed for this show every day. and you know what a hassle that can be sometimes. >> yeah. how would you like it if you could come to work in the buff? what? we will tell you all about a new talk show that only requires you to show up in your birthday suit. plus, they gave up their dream wedding so their partners can go off to war. how a bridal shop is helping women enjoy a much deserved wedding day. and as we head to break, we remember our veterans. we ask you to send photos of loved ones who served our
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country. erica sent in this picture of of the father of seven children serving in world war ii. colonel dickey wassaed to the chemical core hall of fame buried at arlington national cemetery with his wife buried by his side. thank you for your service. the chevy malibu was designed to catch the eye... but great design is also what you don't see. like dependability, a one-hundred thousand-mile, five-year powertrain warranty
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now, "good morning, maryland." a sleep overat the auto body shop proves deadly for two. find out what happened at this business in glen burnie. it's time to honor the veteran in your life. on this veteran's day, keep watching abc2 and we will get to salute the men and women we honor on this day. and gwyneth paltrow nailed it and brad paisley nailed down the entertainer he of the year award. what a night for cma. here you go one more time. this is it. it's made from my friend -- throw the switch. mary grace and her friend
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barbara. look at this. made out of ceramic. isn't that great? >> we can't see it. >> right there. there we go. see if you can see it blink. >> will it blink? there you go. >> she is very talented. >> yes. >> what's that? >> i said she is talented. >> that's great i love it. you did rub it for good luck. >> for good luck. >> ravens-atlanta tonight. justin berk, good morning. >> a ravens snowman, too. seriously. you know how to work your way into the building. good job. hey, good veterans day as we honor our veterans with pride and dignity. and a clear sky this morning. a little chilly and widespread of temperatures but much like the rest of the week, we will actually go slightly above normal. we are knock the breeze down and keep that sun out. a good look day on tap to be outdoors for any of the activities. a 38 that's the cool start at veterans elementary in


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